Olvido is…a cleaning lady who dreams about becoming a great artist or…a great artist who has to keep two jobs (the artistic one and the survival job that pays the bills) or…a cleaning lady whose natural talent will never see the light because it will never even cross her mind that that’s a possibility she should aspire?

Olvido es una señora de la limpieza que sueña con convertirse en una gran artista. O una gran artista que tiene que mantener dos trabajos (el artístico y el trabajo de supervivencia que paga las facturas). O una señora de la limpieza cuyo talento natural nunca verá la luz.


CREW & cast

Directed by Marina Badía, Jorge Vico

Cinematography by Adrián Barcelona

Art Direction by Raquel González

Script Paula Mínguez

Film editing by Jorge Vico, Marina Badía

Color by Adrián Barcelona

Cast Maite Uzal

Guitar Mariano Mangas

Drums Jorge Jiménez Quirce


more information

COUNTRY: Spain, 2017

CATEGORY: Short film

GENRE: Music video

Spain, 2017
Short film
Music video
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