Waist Up


Axel and David are candidates for a very special position. Audrey, who is only 10 years old, directs the phases that the two are going through. The young men will share a very special dinner with Audrey’s family, which will be decisive for the future of all of them.

Axel y David son candidatos a un puesto muy especial. Audrey, de tan sólo 10 años, dirige las fases por las que los dos van pasando. Los jóvenes compartirán una cena muy especial con la familia de Audrey que será decisiva para el futuro de todos ellos.


Directed and written by Marina Badía

Produced by New York University

Cast Aidan Wood, Jordon Snow, Alejandro L. Cardozo, Maite Uzal, Josh Sauerman

Cinematography by Laura Little

Assistant Director Daishi Takishima

Producer Assistant Paula Cobo

Script Sujit Agrawal

Film editing by Marina Badía

Sound Department Ian Pei, Mike Stoffo


USA, 2015
Short film
Psychological thriller
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